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HPS N13.52
HPS N13.52 2018
Personnel Neutron Dosimeters (Neutron Energies Less Than 20 MeV)
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HPS N43.3
HPS N43.3 2018
For General Radiation Safety Installations Using Non-Medical X-Ray and Sealed Gamma-Ray Sources, Energies Up to 10 MeV
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HPS N43.17
HPS N43.17 2018
Radiation Safety for Personnel Security Screening Systems Using X-Ray or Gamma Radiation
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HPS N13.30
HPS N13.30 2017
Performance Criteria for Radiobioassay
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HPS N13.53
HPS N13.53 2016
Control and Release of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM)
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HPS N2.1
HPS N2.1 2016
Radiation Symbol
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HPS N13.11
HPS N13.11 2015
Personnel Dosimetry Performance - Criteria for Testing
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HPS N43.9
HPS N43.9 2015
For Gamma Radiography - Specifications for the Design, Testing, and Performance Requirements for Industrial Gamma Radiography System Equipment Using Radiation Emitted by a Sealed Radioactive Source
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HPS N13.44
HPS N13.44 2014
Thyroid Phantom Used in Occupational Monitoring
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HPS N13.37
HPS N13.37 2014
Environmental Dosimetry - Criteria for System Design and Implementation
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